How to get nowhere DAO NFT & Token in nowhereDAO

Nowhere DAO NFT is a symbol of nowhere status, $NWD is the only Token for the nowhere DAO ecosystem.

Nowhere DAO NFT and Token can be obtained by nowhere DAO community contribution. The higher the NFT level, the higher the rights and benefits obtained, and the more $NWD obtained.


How to get contribution points

Join Daily Tasks

Post any content about crypto in any form on social media.
General members and Dedicated Status members have their own corresponding task submission channels.

Join Designated Tasks

Designated tasks are posted by nowhere DAO.
Designated tasks are usually worth more than the daily task contribution value.

The content of post must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The content(Text/Image/Video) shall be original.
  2. The content must relate to encryption and tokens, otherwise will be considered unqualified.
  3. The content must not contain violence, abuse, discrimination, etc.
  4. The content shall reflect the relevance of nowhere, you can choose any one of the following behaviors

Add community member slogan: I’m nowhere.
Added community slogan: We are nowhere, we now here.
Add community ideas: NoWhere to NowHere, No Doubt to DAO.
Use #nowhere #nowhereDAO @nowhereDAO

How to get NFT & Token

All rewards needs to be redeemed in nowhere DAO website — My nowhereWebsite:

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